VIDEO – Two suffer heat stroke fighting MASSIVE recycling centre blaze in Spain

RECYCLING CENTRE BLAZE SPAIN: Neighbours were advised to close their doors and windows. Photo credit: Twitter / @112cmadrid

A HUGE column of dense, black smoke filled the sky after a major fire at a paper and plastics recycling centre in Spain.

Neighbours were advised to close their doors and windows by the emergency services as ‘preventative measure’ although they reassured that as the column of smoke was rising vertically there was no serious risk.

The blaze took hold in an outside area at the warehouse in Alcorcon, Madrid yesterday (Tuesday) at 6.20pm  and it continued to burn through the night.


The mayor of Alcorcon, David Perez, said that two firefighters had been affected by heat stroke and one of them was transferred to hospital.

He said the situation was ‘controlled’ and asked for ‘calm’ from the residents of the town.

The cause of the fire isn’t yet known and National Police officers are currently investigating.


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