Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez pledges to push for euthanasia legalisation if PSOE win electio

REFORMS: Sanchez (inset) pledged changes on euthanasia laws. Photo credits: Pixabay (main), Wikimedia Commons (inset)

SPAIN’S Prime Minister has said the left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) will legalise euthanasia if it takes power following Sunday, April 28 snap general election.

Pedro Sanchez said a PSOE government would recognise the right to euthanasia and to dignified dying. He was speaking at a campaign event in La Coruña City in Galicia.

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Efforts to legalise euthanasia have been mounted since PSOE took power as a minority government in June. These have been blocked by the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and the centrist Ciudadanos.

Supporters of euthanasia argue it gives people with terminal or debilitating illnesses the option to die on their own terms and spare themselves more suffering.

Opponents claim euthanasia could be abused if a terminally ill person is not of sound mind when making the choice and also criticise it on religious grounds.


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