END OF THE LINE: 900 jobs to go at insurance call centres in Spain

CALL CENTRE CUTS: Santalucia Group move will affect almost 900 workers. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

THE Santalucia Group is to close more than 90 per cent of its Spanish call centres, affecting almost 900 workers.

According to Spanish media, the insurance company will focus its efforts on five locations in Madrid, Oviedo, Sevilla, Valencia and Hospitalet, and is offering all employees the chance to join these centres.

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The Santalucia Group announced it will close 53 of its 58 call centres.  Union officials said the move is likely to affect women more than men, with 95 per cent of the 900 workers affected female.  Employees have labelled the move, “dismissal in disguise,” claiming there will not be enough jobs at the five centres to support the affected workers.


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