Costa Women’s IWD conference speakers share their inspiring experiences

IMPRESSIVE: An inspiring line-up of speakers. CREDIT: Euro Weekly News

Jenny Holloway – The Real Belles of London

GRIT and determination have got Jenny Holloway, of the highly successful Real Belles of London ethical women’s wear collective, where she is today.

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Dyslexic and told she was dim as a child, Jenny always knew she wanted to get on in life.

She said: “There is always a way forward: you have to find a way and not be afraid to fail, fear is like a bully, and you’ve got to take it by the horns and make it go away.”

Jo Bendle – Productivity coach

Can we learn to be more productive? Yes we can, says productivity coach Jo Bendle, starting with our inner mentors.

What mind-set and actions do we need to change so that five years down the line we’ve become the successful version of ourselves.

Women connecting with their inner goddess every day will be empowered and become more effective, she affirms, telling us too that productivity comes with a purpose: a clear vision, a real focus, a secret dream.

Tiina Wilen – business coach

Positioning yourself as an expert in your field is fundamental to success, says business coach Tiina Wilen.

Do this and you will get more clients, you will be able to charge more for your services, you will get more PR contacts and opportunities and your business will be a voice which will be heard, according to Tiina.

It’s essential to “obsess” about your topic and to never stop adding to your knowledge.

Jo Soley – Numerology to help your business

Jo’s life changed at an International Women’s Day event three years ago, when she discovered the power of numbers after hearing a talk by numerologist, Richard Abbot.

Jo spoke about the energy of numbers and encouraged the audience to find their own power number using their date of birth to find out more about themselves.  Jo explained this information could also help to influence business decisions and make life choices.

Natalia Endelman- Five keys to make it happen

Born in Portugal and raised in Canada, Natalia spoke about how there are keys in everybody’s lives which can be used to open doors blocking us from happiness and success.

She explained the most important keys for success are self-discovery, visualising priorities, being healthy from the inside out, accepting and looking after ourselves.

Yvonne Radley- The Instagram Challenge

Former journalist Yvonne Radley spoke about the potential business benefits of using Instagram to promote a product or idea.  She showed the audience how to take professional-looking photographs using the “rule of third’s, focussing on an object in the bottom corner of a photo and allowing the background to take up the majority of the space.”

Radley also explained how hash tags and locations can be used to attract the maximum number of Instagram users to look at a post.

Minal Patel- Email marketing

Former Constant Contact marketer Minal Patel taught listeners the best ways to ensure their marketing emails are read by subscribers, as well as how to prevent clients unsubscribing.

Her top tis included ensuring information in emails is relevant and interesting to the target audience, working out which days and times emails are most read, creating a compelling subject line, and ensuring the message looks good when opened in all formats.


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