Costa Women International Women’s Day Conference 2019

COSTA WOMEN: The Euro Weekly News was the proud media partner of the conference. Photo: Samuel Ho Photography

EMPOWERING women to be the best versions of themselves and equipping them with the tools and the mindset to overcome any challenge and to lead productive, successful and happy professional and personal lives.

These were the common themes which the line-up of outstanding speakers highlighted at one of the most important dates of the year for southern Spain’s business community, the Costa Women International’s Women’s Day conference.

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The event attracted some of the region’s most dynamic businesswomen, there to network with like-minded women and to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise in their own particular fields.

Grit, determination and passion can take us a very long way we learned, and we should never be afraid to fail. We should have no regrets, but rather we can turn knock-backs to our advantage and focus on how we can move forward. Perhaps most importantly of all we learned the enormous power of supporting and helping others.

This was an event with the spotlight firmly on positive thinking, on solutions, on purpose, on effectiveness, on confidence, on opportunities, and above all else, this was an event which was all about women standing side-by-side.

The Euro Weekly News was the proud media partner of the conference, which was organised by Costa Women and UK-based 1230 The Women’s Company.


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