Fine for anti-feminist ‘Hitler’ bus in Spain

BUS BANNER FINE: The Hazte Oir bus in Barcelona. Photo credit: Twitter / @hazteoir

A BUS banner redefining Gender Violence as Domestic Violence was fined by Barcelona’s Guardia Urban police for infringing advertising laws.

The banner along one side of the vehicle was accompanied by Hitler’s face while the other side was emblazoned with the claim, “Gender laws discriminate against men.”

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Although the ultra-conservative, ultra-Catholic Hazte Oir association behind the anti-feminist message was fined, the Barcelona police did not prevent the bus from continue its drive through the city.

Members of the Arran anti-capìtalist group who threw paint at the banner, scraped away part of its decals and tried to halt the bus complained that the police moved them on and threatened to arrest them.

The same day, Barcelona’s Public Prosecution department denounced Hazte Oir for hate crime and campaigning against Spain’s Equality laws and in particular those protecting women.

“Like it or not, here we are,” responded Hazte Oir spokeswoman Teresa Garcia who claimed that the association’s petition asking the Partido Popular, Ciudadanos and Vox to repeal the Gender Violence laws has already collected 20,000 signatures.





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