Cash boost for prison and public healthcare workers in Spain

PAY RISE: €4.3 million will giv some workers in Spain's public sector a cash boost. Photo credit: Shutterstock

THE Spanish government has set aside €4.3 million which will go towards giving some workers in the public sector a pay rise.

This latest cash boost will be heading towards the prison working population, where 38,000 employees are about to become a little happier with their work.

Out of the funds, more than 12,800 prison officers will see their job level improved by a share of over €4 million, while over 12,000 assistants will be upgraded to the next pay level.


Healthcare workers will also benefit, with 286 workers also being upgraded to the next pay level.

It is part of an agreement to continually increase pay between now and next year, passing through the general election.


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