DOLPHIN DEATHS: Divers in Spain recover ‘fishy’ remains in bags from sea

DISMEMBERED DOLPHINS: Police divers were called in after crew were allegedly spotted throwing bags into the sea. Photo credits: Twitter / @UvrErtzaintza

POLICE in Spain have opened an investigation after several bags of ‘fishy’ meat, believed to be dolphin, were recovered from the sea by divers.

Basque regional police made the discovery in the port of Bermeo, in the Vizcaya region after two fishery inspectors raised the alert about a fishing boat that had docked.

Divers were called in after the crew was allegedly spotted throwing bags into the sea.


The divers found and recovered three discarded bags and their contents despite poor visibility in the water.

Remains have been transferred to the headquarters of the Ertzaintza police, where forensic tests will verify if the remains are dolphin.

The dolphin is a protected animal and its fishing is illegal in Spain.


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