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MAXIMUM ACCURACY: Make sure you know what you have eaten each day. Photo: Shutterstock

MANY people follow an eating plan to a rough idea of how many calories they want to eat – as mentioned previously this figure is often 1200 which is very very wrong- but quite often they have no idea throughout the day how much they have actually eaten.

Unless you track your food diary, certainly while you are still learning how many grams of carbs fat and protein is in an egg for example- then you could be going way off course on a daily basis.

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You may think you have eaten say 1400 calories and hit your goals but the reality could shock you. Too little is actually more common and on carb cycling if you are way under your targets you will not lose weight just as much as if you’re way over.

There are many apps out there which are perfect for such a purpose. My personal favourite is MyFitnessPal. A free app with the option of premium for extra benefits, I have used this app for at least 7 years. It is a great way of checking food labels, setting your daily macro targets and more. Even food in the Spanish supermarkets is listed so you can get the maximum accuracy of what you eat.

To lose weight by carb cycling it is crucial to know what targets you are aiming for, for your specific weight height age, and fitness level. Anything else is just guesswork.

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