‘POLITICIANS come and go but governments go on forever’.

PUPPET MASTERS: Who is really pulling the strings? Photo: Shutterstock

DIDN’T this recent quote hit the nail squarely on the appendage? As I have observed in this blurb on a number of occasions, the whole political masquerade is merely an illusion. 

Because we freely elect our politicians, we are under the almost laughable impression that we also in some way control our own future. Ha! Pure naïve bunkum.

We are all players in a subversive system implemented by the shadowy billionaires that are our true masters. A preconceived plan to keep us all happy and firmly convinced that our democracy and ‘freedom’ are so important to us they are ultimately worth dying for.


The truth is, the more chaotic and precarious our societies become, the more the money manipulators like it. Keeps us all nicely occupied ya see.

I was recently speaking to a member of the Home Office and asked him if a newly elected government made any difference to the workings of his department. With a barely detectable smirk he told me that, apart from a few small ‘irritations’ at the outset nothing changes at all, the department simply carry’s on just as before.

In fact, he went on to say that many new politicians are so inexperienced, they actually ask the department to advise them on what procedures they should follow. This is precisely what happens with the world’s faceless financiers, they simply carry on business as usual, irrespective of governments or politicians.

And they all cover each other’s backs. Remember the Jamal Khashoggi, embassy murder affair (which has gone mysteriously very quiet)?

Did you honestly think the King of Saudi Arabia, (family worth an estimated 1.4 trillion dollars!) would have his position threatened in any way by the actions of these assassins; even though, in my opinion, he almost certainly instigated the whole unsavoury affair himself? Why not? Because he’s in league with the true rulers of the planet – as any leader of that oil-soaked country of corruption will always be.

Murder means nothing to them. These people are a law unto themselves, an elite ‘club’ of secrecy and subterfuge who don’t care what government or dictator happens to be in power, just as long as they don’t threaten their own exalted positions.

Among the many disruptions to society these faceless few revel in war, it’s a wonderful source of income and keeps the participants thoroughly occupied and out of their hair.

They are no doubt also reveling in all the Brexit Bull…. which is also keeping enormous numbers of the peasants extremely busy. It’s all a charade and they the all-powerful puppet masters. Their aim is to make us fear life itself. They want us to hate ‘the other’.

They love confusion. They want us to practice aggression. They seek to divide us all. With division comes chaos and chaos is their greatest ally. And there aint a durn thing either you or I can do about it.

On a lighter note Ta Rah! I see the pests of summer are already arriving. Flies, mosquitos, ticks, cyclists, etc!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy  

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