More help pledged to find missing people in Spain

HELP AT HAND: The Interior Minister has detailed plans for more help. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S Interior Ministry has announced a series of measures which they hope will assist the security services in locating missing people.

Since 2010, 174,883 people have been reported missing in Spain, of which 163,405 cases have been resolved.

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The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has announced the package this week, which includes a website dedicated to locating missing people, the Centro Nacional de Desaparecidos (CNDES).

Many of the cases where missing people have been located have been resolved thanks to the help of citizens who have spotted them and reported their location to the authorities.

Whereas the use of social media has played a huge part in this, by creating a dedicated and official platform, it is hoped that the information can be consolidated, and also bypass occasional fake reports which have been disseminated.

The package of improvements also sees missing people better categorised. According to the Secretary of State for Security, Ana Botella, the document establishes whether the person has gone missing by voluntary, involuntary or forced means, all which are acted upon differently, given that each case involves unique characteristics.


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