A weekly look – Doing a Scarlett O’Hara

CARLES PUIDGEMONT: He still thinks the republic is alive Source: Wikipedia

CIUDADANOS wants to poach votes from the Partido Popular when the ballot papers are counted on the night of April 28.

With luck the PSOE might be the most-voted party but the PP and Cs’ votes could add up to more and a coalition could be on the books.

The lead singers would be those with the most votes, which Albert Rivera believes could easily be Cs.


What happens if they need Vox? That’s something he’s not discussing.

Instead he’s doing a Scarlett O’Hara and will think about that tomorrow.

Somewhere over the rainbow

THERE has been considerable chuntering in the PP and Ciudadanos-supporting media after Pedro Sanchez’s government announced the biggest job offer in years for the public sector.

What do they expect? With an election in less than two months’ time, Sanchez is going all out to get into the voters’ good books.

Election ploy or not, that will put more people into jobs in a country where unemployment is still a scourge and a job in the public sector is a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

Politicians are cynical, but the voting public knows that because they, too, are cynical. Although not so cynical that they’d turn their noses up at a funcionario’s job and a pot of gold.

Schrodinger’s Cat(aluña)

SPANISH journalist Daniel Gascon recently compared the Catalan republic – declared on October 27, 2017 but never enacted – as Schrodinger’s Republic.

Days later Ines Arrimadas, Ciudadanos leader in Cataluña, travelled to Waterloo in Belgium where she stood outside the house where Carles Puigdemont, the self-exiled former regional president, lives in considerable comfort.

“The Catalan republic does not exist!” she roared, accompanied by a handful of supporters and a multitude of reporters.

She, too, must have been thinking of Schrodinger’s cat, the subject of Erwin Schrodinger’s suggestion that if you place a cat and something that could kill a cat – a radioactive atom, for instance – in a box and seal it you would not know if the cat was dead or alive. In a sense the cat is both dead and alive – take your pick.

Puigdemont and the separatists thinks the republic is alive, the Spanish government and half Cataluña’s population know that it isn’t and Arrimadas says that it isn’t.

Well done, Erwin Schrodinger: a quantum physicist has come closer to explaining the Catalan republic than anyone else.

No chip off the old block

FELIPE JUAN FROILAN DE TODOS LOS SANTOS DE MARICHALAR Y BORBON is the son of the Infanta Elena and grandson of now-retired Juan Carlos I.

The 20-year-old attended a demonstration against the policies of Spain’s president Pedro Sanchez who has been denounced as a felon and traitor by Vox, the PP and Cs.

Juan Carlos admittedly degenerated into the usual florid, pleasure-loving Borbon but he once declared he was king for all Spaniards.

And he helped to steer Spain away from dictatorship and the kind of society where Felipe Juan Froilan de Todoslos Santos de Marichalar y Borbon would presumably be happier.


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