Former government under fire after 500,000 patients allegedly missing from waiting lists in Spain

WAITING LISTS: Plans have been put in place to carry out intensive work shifts. Photo: Shutterstock

PSOE’s previous government, was accused of hiding over half a million patients from Andalucia’s Health Service waiting list yesterday (Tuesday) by Jesus Aguirre, the Minister of Health and Families.

According to data, that has reportedly come to light, Andalucia’s health service recorded a total of 843.538 patients that were yet to be treated, despite having knowledge of less than half.

The Councillor to the Presidency and government spokesman, Elias Bendodo, along with Aguirre have described the figures as scandalous, highlighting that “figures have been hidden, the Andalucians have been lied to”.


Bendodo stated that legal action is being considered.

In reply to the accusations, PSOE stated that it is “completely impossible” to hide figures from the Ministry of Health and that the Andalucian Government would have to “prove the figures” as it was “very serious”.

As a solution, Aguirre announced that the current Governing Council has approved a €25,5 million project to tackle these waiting lists and to urgently prioritise the 30.000 patients that require surgery or have to wait over a year in order to be attended to.

He continued to explain that plans have been put in place to carry out intensive work shifts, opening hospital operating rooms in the afternoon and even at weekends; the assignment of mobile teams to assist the hospitals has also been considered.

Aguirre also stated that €15,5 million of the total budget will go to private centres in order to help reduce pending medical operations.



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