Charity provides Brits on the Costa del Sol life-saving cancer screening and tests

FUND RAISING: Sponsored Positively Pink/Blue run CREDIT: Positively Pink Facebook

POSITIVELY Pink charity has launched another potentially life-saving initiative aimed at British women living in the Malaga province.

Free breast screening is already provided by the charity, together with PSA prostate cancer blood tests for men for just €10.

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And now Lorraine Palmer and her small, committed team are embarking on a scheme offering cervical smear tests with ovary ultra sound, for just €20 – a fraction of the cost of the vital procedure.

Lorraine said:  “This is a new thing for Positively Pink and we are delighted to be able to offer this fantastic opportunity for women to have a cervical smear together with ultra sound on the ovaries.”

The first session will take place at Clinica El Campanario in Calahonda on March 26, from 11am to 1pm.

Women will be given a voucher and the first arrivals will be seen on the day. If there is a large turnout, appointments will be made there and then. A British passport must be taken.

“We have no idea how many women will come along, but the hope is that by catching anything early enough, it can be treated. Women tend to put everything else before themselves but it is so important to take care of ourselves.”

Lorraine added: “I know so many people whose lives have been saved by breast screening, which we offer. In the last year of doing PSA blood tests for men, at least three lives have been saved.

“I have had men come to me to say they tested positive for prostate cancer and because it was detected early and treated, they are now living happy and healthy lives.

“We are looking into the possibility of offering other forms of testing in the future. We care that everyone lives healthily as long as they possibly can.”

She explained that the nominal fee charged is a drop in the ocean to the actual cost, but hopes that by paying a small fee, people will be more inclined to get their results.

And to cover the additional costs, Positively Pink fund raises throughout the year, in particular staging an annual Pink Ball at El Oceana Beach Hotel and Restaurant in La Cala de Mijas, owned by Lorraine, which raises tens of thousands of euros.

“Every penny goes to the screening, and we cover all of our own expenses and other costs,” she added.

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