Almeria council presents active retirement initiative

UNIQUE: Council President Javier A. Garcia described the Discover Almeria initiative as a pioneering project in the province. CREDIT: Almeria Provincial Council website

ALMERIA council presented what it says is a pioneer project in the province aimed at encouraging elderly people to enjoy an active, independent retirement through visiting the region’s places of interest.

The Enjoy Almeria Provincial Tourism Plan is aimed at the more than 67,000 over-65s who attend the 13 Community Social Centres located around Almeria, offering 1,500 places in four-star hotels in Roquetas de Mar or Mojacar, full-board and with transport included. The trips will be three days and two nights, and will include excursions and activities.

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“We want to give back to you, to those who have worked all your life for others, a little bit of the happiness that you have given”, commented Council President Javier A. Garcia.

“We know that many of you have not been able to enjoy holidays or days off. This is your opportunity to do so and to get to know our province and other people with whom you can share anecdotes and experiences as part of a unique and pioneering project in the province.”

The President said he was convinced the places would be snapped up, remarking, “who wouldn’t want to take part in a project like this, discovering the coast and inland, taking part in excursions around the province, seeing the quarry area or the greenhouses, and sharing this with neighbours and other pensioners.”


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