TWO-MINUTE LOO BREAK: Workers in Spain ‘threatened with dismissal’ if they take longer

TWO-MINUTE LOO BREAK: Is it long enough for the workers? File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

WORKERS at a canning company in the south of Spain claim they face the sack if they take longer than two minutes when they go to the bathroom.

Their astonishing claim has been backed up by a video posted by Paco Cabello of the Andalucian Trade Union of Workers (SAT) on social media networks.

Several workers have now denounced the pressure and humiliation to which they are subjected in their daily jobs.


Cabello claims that this type of behaviour is common in the packaging sector in the Andalucian province of Almeria.

The company at the centre of the dispute has defended itself saying they comply with current regulations. They claim the video has been ‘manipulated’ since it is part of a conversation that has been edited. They have also said they will put the matter in the hands of their lawyers.

Esto es la mierda de respeto que se tiene a las trabajadoras de los almacenes de manipulado.

Geplaatst door Paco Cabello op Zaterdag 16 februari 2019


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