British counter-terror police launch probe into explosive packages found in London

EXPLOSIVE FIND: One of the packages was found at Waterloo Station CREDIT: Shutterstock

OFFICERS with the London Metropolitan Police’s counter-terror squad have launched a probe after packages which they said contained explosives were found at three locations in the British capital.

Police sources said the small, improvised explosives were in A4 post bags. They were found at Heathrow and London City airports and at the Waterloo rail station.

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A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said one of the packages set alight after staff opened it.

No one was hurt by the packages but people at Heathrow’s Compass Centre were evacuated after one parcel was found and reported at around 9.55am. Two more were found in the next three hours, with around 100 people evacuated from Waterloo Station.

An investigation remains open and police are keeping an open mind as to the motives behind the deliveries, with officers treating them as connected according to Met sources.

Police have called on the public to report anything suspicious found at transport hubs in the capital.

No arrests have been made as the investigation continues.


  1. Make no mistake; this is a much more serious development than it appears at first sight. The Euro Weekly News is, understandably, taking a relatively neutral approach to what is basically breaking news. However, it is clear, from other sources, that these incendiary devices came from the Irish Republic. In other words, IRA sympathisers are back in business.
    As if we did not have enough on our plates with the war against IS terrorists and the war against hate-speech and knife crime, the IRA terrorists have resurfaced after all these years. So who can we blame for this mess? Well, successive British governments made war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria (and now Yemen by proxy, arming the Saudis.) These British government decisions led directly to the creation of, and the violent terrorism of, IS and Al Qaeda.
    British governments also divided the island of Ireland and created the perfect storm for the terrorism of ‘the Troubles’. Well, you reap what you sow. The blame for all of this lies fairly and squarely with the Brits. Do you think the current Brexit nonsense has nothing to do with this? Think ‘Irish border’, ‘hard Brexit’, and think again. God save us all from bungling, incompetent British governments meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations when they would have done well to leave them alone. It is long past the time that the British government should realise thay have no business meddling in affairs which they don’t understand. What a dreadful mess they have landed us in. All of us.


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