Treat yourself!

HEALTHY CHOICE: Almond butter coconut chocolate balls.

CRAVINGS have a lot to answer for. They are often the downfall of any weight loss regime and the knock-on effect can be ultimate failure.

Everyone has their own weaknesses.

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My best friend can’t turn down a family-sized bag of Walkers. Many people are chocoholics.

My weakness is full on carbs; a baked potato with cheese and butter is pure heaven to me.

So how do we stop cravings from leading us astray? Two things:

1) If you desperately want something, plan it into your day and work the rest of your meals around it. With carb cycling you have a certain flexibility as no foods are banned, they just have to be eaten in moderation and to a set limit for your weight.

2) Create guilt-free goodies which contain ingredients which are allowed to be eaten more freely!

Two of my most popular recipes are peanut butter protein bites and coconut chocolate balls, both of which are made with natural sweeteners and flour alternatives. They also taste great!

Sweet cravings often occur in the afternoon, a couple of hours after lunch when the fatigue can kick in and you get the ‘crash’ which leads you to make an unhealthy choice.

These sweet snacks are perfect for this as they contain natural energy sources and are perfect with your afternoon coffee! (Black of course!)

Milk substitutes are very popular now and are so versatile; if smoothies are your thing, blend almond milk with berries and ice for a delicious filler which tastes way too good to be healthy!

For the savoury treats, cheese is welcomed on carb cycling- just be careful to choose a low carb, high fibre cracker to be its partner!

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