Journalists who cover international terrorism and conflict ‘are not heroes’

COSTA PRESS CLUB: Talk by talk by Hans Kuitert at the C&C Litoral in Malaga. Photo credit: Jesper Pederson

THE February meeting of the Costa Press club brought members together in Malaga to hear a talk by Hans Kuitert on why journalists who cover international terrorism and conflict are not heroes.

As a former staff correspondent in locations such as Islamabad, Kabul, Cairo and Jerusalem, Kuitert was able to talk from first hand experience, basing his talk on the premise that a journalist’s mission is to provide factual and accurate reports in the midst of war or violent encounters while navigating the pitfalls of the most thrilling, perilous and complicated assignments a journalist can face.

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Deploring the fact that reporters have sometimes become the focus of attention, figuring in news reports as heroes on the front line, Kuitert pointed out that this puts their colleagues in unnecessary danger and impedes their work.

The talk was followed by an animated question and answer session and an excellent dinner in C&C Litoral.


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