Free house and €10.000 a year to whoever takes over this local business in Spain

LOCAL PHARMACY: A total of 4.000 signatures have been collected in hopes to reopen a business located in Villar del Río, Soria. Photo: Google Maps

AN ESTIMATED yearly aid of €10.000 and a free house has reportedly been guaranteed to the party that agrees to take over a local pharmacy in Soria, Spain.

A total of 4.000 signatures have been collected in hopes to reopen a pharmacy located in Villar del Rio, Soria.

The closed business has reportedly left 17 local towns without a pharmacy service for over 10 months.

Spanish press have stated that neighbours haven’t been able to access medications or even a simple plaster, having to depend on a 45 kilometre journey to reach the nearest pharmacy.

The affected towns have a large number of elderly residents that rely on these medications to tackle chronic illnesses and some have been forced to hire taxi services to carry out supply runs.

However, when snow and frosts hit these isolated towns, residents can no longer depend on these transport services to receive the products needed.

The head of the platform that is pushing for the pharmacy’s reopening, Miguel Ángel López, stated that the Junta of Castilla y Leon and the School of Pharmacists of Soria have been ‘unable’ to resolve the situation that has left thousands of people without their fundamental healthcare rights.

He continued to explain that one of the main issues causing the closure of the business was the lack of profit gained in the ‘slower’ months of the year, but highlighting that the work during summer months could even become ‘excessive’.

In hopes to reopen the establishment, whoever agrees to move to Villar del Rio and take over the pharmacy will reportedly be offered around €10.000 a year provided by grants and public aid in order to help develop the business.

Also, a house and garage will be provided and all additional revenue originating from the pharmacy’s sales will also belong to the new owner.

In total, there are 17 affected towns with 1,000 residents affected by the pharmacy’s closure.


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