‘Flavia’ the elephant dies after 43 years in solitary confinement at Spanish zoo

CORDOBA ELEPHANT: Flavia spent 43 years in the capital’s zoo. Photo: Zoo de Cordoba

A FEMALE elephant passed away on Friday 1 at Cordoba’s zoo after suffering a serious physical deterioration over the past six months.

The Cordoba town hall confirmed the death of the elephant, known as Flavia, after having spent 43 years in the capital’s zoo.

During a press conference, the town hall stated that Flavia’s passing came as a “hard hit” to the zoo and its keepers.


They continued to explain that Friday was a sad day for the zoo and for the entire city as the elephant was an ‘icon’.

Flavia’s physical wellbeing had deteriorated over the past six months and had declined even further during the two weeks leading up to her passing.

The zoo had been working in collaboration with Pacma, an animal rights party, to try and transfer Flavia to a sanctuary in order to improve her everyday wellbeing.

However, the animalist party stated that the Cordoba zoo had “isolated the elephant, known as the saddest elephant in the world, during 43 years of confinement and solidarity”.

They also assured that they had tried, up until Flavia’s last moments, to ‘save’ her from captivity as she had spent all of her life in a confined space without being able to interact with other elephants of her species and without enjoying the ‘environmental richness’ that these type of animals require.

Pacma stated that despite their ongoing efforts to give Flavia the “utmost dignified retirement” that, in the most unexpected and sad way, she had the “worst ending” she could have endured.

The animalist party’s president hopes that “no other animal have to ever go through this”, having requested that Cordoba’s zoo and town hall do not bring any more animals into the complex and prevent their reproduction in captivity.

Todo el personal del Parque Zoológico Municipal que ha tenido la suerte de trabajar con Flavia lamenta el fallecimiento…

Geplaatst door Zoo de Córdoba op Vrijdag 1 maart 2019


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