Costa Women’s guest speaker Tiina Wilen talks business and simple steps to success

TIINA WILEN: The entrepreneur has a fool proof plan. CREDIT: Avenue Facebook

SERIAL entrepreneur Tiina Wilen specialises in building concepts and brands that stand out.

She will be sharing her own experiences and reveal “how to position yourself as an expert in seven surprisingly simple steps.”

Tiina is the founder of Avenue, a business which helps professional women package their knowledge and experience into expertise and that expertise into a model and idea that sells.


She said: “We help to beat the technology overwhelm, to grow a business and scale with confidence.”

The company does this through growth accelerator programs for women, and by offering coaches and consultants.

Tiina, who lives in Sweden but plans to move to Spain, is also the former founder of Elce Living & Interiors and was the global process manager at Tieto.


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