High-speed getaway ends in arrest in Vera

RECKLESS: The car came off the road and slammed into olive trees after a high-speed getaway. Photo: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil arrested a young man on charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest following a car chase in Vera.

Officers were carrying out checks on vehicles and their occupants in the La Ribina area when they noticed a car approaching at high speed.

They indicated to the driver that he should pull over, but instead he put his foot down and headed straight for the officers, who had to jump out the way to avoid being run down.


A patrol car immediately went after the car, which made off at great speed, swerving over into the oncoming lane more than once and eventually coming off the road and slamming into olive trees. Two of the passengers, including the driver, fled on foot. Officers detained a third as he was getting out the car and found two others sitting in the back, one an underage teenager.

A short time later officers managed to track down the driver and owner of the vehicle, who the Guardia identified as 27-year old H.N. from Vera. They also reported he tested positive for alcohol.

The investigation remains open as the Guardia try to locate the second person who fled the scene.


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