GREEN LIGHT: Nijar council votes in favour of drone measures

DRONE ARE GO: The local council voted in favour of the drones measures.

NIJAR council has approved the municipal regulations allowing the local police force to use drones.

The local authority said the drones would be used for greater vigilance and public safety, in the event of accidents or disasters, and to help prevent crime.

Mayor Esperanza Perez said the move would mean “greater security for farmers in the control of our extensive area dedicated to cultivation”, and would be an essential tool in cases of disappearances or searches, “which will allow us to multiply exponentially the radius and capacity of action by the Local Police and by Civil Protection.”


The Mayor said drones would also be useful in keeping the municipality’s beaches safe and preventing drownings.

The drones measure moves forward with the votes in favour of the Socialist Party and the United Left and the abstention of the Popular Party.



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