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LINKED: Daesh recruits returning from Syria to the UK. Photo: Shutterstock

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AS the copy for this column has to be presented some days before publication, by the time you read this the whole unsavoury ‘Jihad bride’ episode could be resolved.

However, I couldn’t allow the only subject that has actually managed to push Brexit off the front pages to pass by without sticking in my own three penny’th.

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear. The only reason for the entire furore surrounding this ungrateful piece of pathetic humanity is the fact that the bunch of psychopaths she chose to show her allegiance to, actually lost the battle.

Had they have won, she would now be sitting in some Daesh caliphate, living the life of Riley as a baby factory for future ISIS terrorists.

Unfortunately, for her and her murderous associates, this didn’t happen. As usual it is the British government who are initially responsible for this whole disgraceful episode, (which also includes the hundreds of traitorous toe rags now wheedling their way back into the UK under the utterly ridiculous and intelligence insulting excuses that they ‘only went for humanitarian reasons.’)

If, at the outset of this conflict, MPs, had faced their responsibilities and passed firm legislation, clearly ruling that all those who decide to take sides with enemies of the UK and its allies should automatically rescind their passports and be stripped of their UK citizenship – the problem would not exist.

Instead, because of their usual dithering, thecountry now finds itself in a grey area, which will probably cost the British tax payer millions and as usual, feather the nests of all those blood sucking ‘uman rights lawyers, who are undoubtedly already rubbing their greedy hands in gleeful anticipation.

This despicable bunch of Daesh supporters are traitors. They pose an ongoing threat to the culture and safety of British citizens. They have committed acts of treason, an offence that was up to a few years ago still punishable by death in the UK. Pity the law was rescinded, perhaps they would have thought twice about returning if the outcome of a trial could result in them dangling at the end of a rope! And (natch!) the whole situation has brought out the snowflakes in positively blizzard proportions.

Well I’ve only one question for these particular naive numbskulls. What will they say to the relatives of the loved ones and victims of any future attack perpetrated by either the ‘returners’ or those they have subsequently managed toradicalise with their warped doctrines? Will they take part of the responsibility? Of course they won’t. Well have no doubt, should they succeed, these pathetic ‘do-gooder’s, who would sacrifice the country to anyone with a convenient sob story, will be partially responsible and frankly this ol’ boy wouldn’t like to have anything of that ilk on his conscience.

Just like to mention I was privileged to travel in the cab of a London tube train the whole length of the Northern line today. Thanks Henry, it was a real blast!

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.   Leapylee2002@gmail.com


  1. Shamima Begum was a 15 year old child when she went to Syria with her equally childish schoolmates. This ended any chance of her continuing to receive a decent education. Her appalling statement that the Ariana Grande concert bombing was ‘justified’ in response to western air strikes in Syria only underlines her ongoing childish ignorance. Frankly, anyone behaving like a child should be treated like a child, not an adult. She is in need of further education. She will not receive that education in a Kurdish refugee camp. Ergo she needs to be brought back to Britain to learn about the truth (convicted and in prison if required after due legal process.) Incidentally, she is only one of more than a dozen British women and children currently in Syrian refugee camps. Who’s talking about them?

    Here’s the most important issue though. Amid all the hot air and polemic surrounding her, is anyone concerned about the fate of her innocent new-born baby? Lee Graham (aka Leapy) doesn’t even mention the child because he seldom looks at anything broader than his own narrow opinion. If the child wasn’t born before the column was submitted for publication, Mr Graham knew at least that the woman was pregnant. Clearly, he doesn’t care about that minor (to him) detail.

    Sajid Javid, the home secretary, has made the baby’s mother stateless – a very rash decision – apparently in reaction to perceived public opinion and in fact illegal in international law. His unilateral decision condemns her baby (who is at least 3rd generation British!) to live in a tent inside a war-zone in a dangerously unsanitary refugee camp with freezing night temperatures. Where is the sense in that? Where is the home secretary’s sense of adult responsibility towards a helpless child? Especially when the grandparents, who seem to be decent people, have said they are happy to look after the child in Britain. They also, perfectly understandably, want their daughter back whom they had previously thought to be lost forever.

    If nothing further is done to address this then in all likelihood both mother and child will be taken from the Kurds by Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad who is currently fighting them and also sending extremists into Iraq to fight western forces. I am watching with horror as the latest blunder by this mad Tory government unfolds. I ask you, which is more important? Near universal condemnation of a teenage girl from the comfort of our own homes? Or the fate of an innocent child in grave danger whom we have the means to rescue?


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