Emergency measures called for to stop plague of ‘aggressive’ termites eating their way through Tenerife

AMERICAN TERMITES: Claims 'agressive' and 'dangerous' insects are devouring properties in Spain. File image. Photo credits: Shutterstock

A STATE OF EMERGENCY has been suggested as one of the measures to deal with a plague of invasive American termites to stop their spread through Spain’s Canary Island of Tenerife.

The termites arrived on the island in 2010 and the plague now affects the La Laguna, Arona and Tacoronte areas.

Now a state of emergency has been requested amid reports of the termites ‘devouring’ peoples houses.


The ‘Si se puede’ political party has called for a state of emergency to be declared to stop the invasive species from spreading across all the island.

They say it is essential “a maximum level coordination between the different administrations is vital to eradicate the termites before the damage is irreversible.”

It is estimated that eradication the termite could cost up to €10 million over four years.


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