BENIDORM BALCONY DEATH: Lawyer for family of Kirsty Maxwell to present ‘interesting issues’ to judge in Spain

BENIDORM BALCONY DEATH: Kirsty Maxwell (inset). Photo credit: Google Earth / Family photograph

SPANISH lawyer Lorena Soler Bernabeu has met with Kirsty Maxwell’s family and other experts in Scotland this week as investigations continue into the death of the 27-year-old in a fall from a tenth-floor Benidorm balcony.

Police in Spain believe Mrs Maxwell, from Livingston, jumped from the balcony after a night out with friends but her family say that evidence shows that she scaled the barrier then clung to it but lost her grip.

Lawyer Lorena said: “I have had very encouraging, productive discussions in Glasgow with Kirsty’s family and the various experts supporting them including forensic expert Professor Jim Fraser, Scottish Criminal Solicitor Advocate Alasdair Gillies and David Swindle’s team.


“As a result of my visit to Scotland, I return to Spain with various interesting issues I will be presenting to the judge which are relevant to ongoing court-led investigations into Kirsty’s death.

She added: “It would be inappropriate for me to comment on specific issues however one thing which is worthy of mention is the expert material shown in the BBC Killed Abroad documentary has been presented to the court and accepted as potential evidence.”

Kirsty Maxwell, from West Lothian, was on a hen party with friends at the My Pretty Payma Apartments in Benidorm when she plunged to her death on April 29, 2017.

They had gone out for food and drinks on their first night away, and Mrs Maxwell and two friends returned to the apartments in the early hours of the morning. They were captured on CCTV waiting for lifts at 5.35am.

Mrs Maxwell went to sleep and one of her friends filmed her snoring in their apartment on the ninth floor at 6.50am.

At 7.51am, Kirsty fell to her death from the balcony of the tenth-floor apartment 10E which was occupied by five men from Nottingham.

Joseph Graham, Callum Northridge, Ricky Gammon, Anthony Holehouse and Daniel Bailey were part of a group of 50 men on holiday together at the time of Mrs Maxwell’s death.

The men have given statements to Spanish police, but Mrs Maxwell’s family claim they ‘can’t grieve’ because they say the men’s stories do not add up.

Kirsty’s husband Adam, who she married just six months before her death, has said that the circumstances surrounding it were “impossible to believe” and that they still are.

One of the men, Joseph Graham, was arrested on suspicion of homicide but later released without charge. He issued a statement saying he was innocent of any wrongdoing and described Mrs Maxwell’s death as a “tragic accident”.

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Last year the judge handling the case signalled she was close to ending her probe saying: “To date no new evidence that allows me to attribute the commission of a specific criminal act to the people under investigation has been obtained.”

However, the family has reissued its plea to the public: “Please help us push for answers and share and publish the information and appeal points which are on our various social media sites.”

They ask for any information you think may be relevant to be sent to their confidential email address or phone / text (0044) 07376 040519

Witness Appeal

Geplaatst door Kirsty Maxwell Information Appeal op Zondag 29 april 2018

Who are these people? Please keep sharing to help #kirstymaxwell family get the truth re her unexplained unresolved death in #benidorm

Geplaatst door Kirsty Maxwell Information Appeal op Woensdag 3 oktober 2018




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