IN PICS: Helicopter tackling wildfire in Spain plunges into river after ‘clipping trees’

FIREFIGHTING HELICOPTER: Ended up on the river. Photo credit: Twitter / @briftabuyo

A FIREFIGHTING helicopter tackling a wildfire in Spain today (Tuesday) has plunged into a river while collecting water to fight the blaze.

The helicopter of the Brigade of Reinforcement of Forest Fires (BRIF) of Tabuyo del Monte (Leon) dropped into the river in the Asturias after reportedly clipping tree branches while fighting a forest fire in Belmonte de Miranda.

The accident happened at around 3pm but the group’s Twitter page has confirmed that the crew did not suffer any personal injury.


However, the helicopter remains on the water and with damage to the tail rotor.

Local mayor Rosa Rodriguez said: “Thank God it seems that the occupants are well and have been able to leave by their own means and have not suffered injuries.”

The wildfire has been burning since mid-morning.


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