Hand guns and ammunition stolen from Granada police barracks

Photo credit: Shutterstock

POLICE are hunting for brazen thieves who stole five regulation handguns and a hundred rounds of ammunition from a barracks in Andalucia.

The theft from the Guardia Civil facilities in Lachar (Granada) at the weekend after robbers smashed a window and forced a locker.

The AEGC staff association said the break-in could be blamed on “a lack of resources and personnel that the Guardia Civil has been suffering since the beginning of the crisis”.


“This has turned it into ghost barracks – it only opens until 2pm each day and closes at weekends”.

Today (Monday) a 24-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the theft and four handguns have been recovered.

The investigation remains open as one weapon remains unaccounted for and others may be involved.

Official data suggests that the armed Guardia Civil law enforcement body has 190,000 registered weapons and the National Police around 165,000.


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