EAT UP: Spain officially the healthiest country in the WORLD

Mediterranean Diet Can Slow Down Prostate Cancer
Mediterranean Diet Can Slow Down Prostate Cancer Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN is the healthiest country in the world, and that’s official.

Paella, pata negra ham, fresh blue fish and the derided tortilla española have produced a healthy nation that heads the Bloomberg Healthiest Countries Index.

The index evaluated nations on variables that include life expectancy while deducting points for health risks like smoking or obesity. Access to clean water and sanitation were also taken into account.


A principal factor in Spain’s Number One position was a life expectancy of 86 at birth, the highest in the European Union and the world’s third-highest after Japan and Switzerland.

The experts said that Spain’s eating habits provided clues to the health levels in Spain and Italy, which Bloomberg placed second.  The Mediterranean diet, rich in extra-virgin olive oil and nuts, is responsible for a lower rate of cardiovascular disorders, compared with countries with a high-fat diet, Bloomberg said.

Not only does the Spanish population have a lower incidence of heart disease, but cancer survival rates are improved thanks to the state’s primary care system, which provides preventive services for children, women and the elderly.

Cuba occupies 30th position, the only low-income country to be ranked so high, and five places above the US, ranked 35th.

Britain was ranked 19th – up two places since 2017 – while Mali, Somalia, Lesotho, Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria, Ivor Coast and Sierra Leone owing to limited health care, unsatisfactory diets and the risk of violent death.


Linda came to Spain to live when she was 24, just over 52 years ago, and her husband is Spanish. She began writing for English-language local newspapers in the mid-1970s and hasn’t stopped since! She leads a Spanish life, which she believes is vital when conveying the news to English-speaking residents, and along the way she produced two editions of Expand Your Spanish, helping English-speakers to enlarge their knowledge of the language. She was excited to be in at the birth of the Euro Weekly News in 1999 and is still passionately writing for the paper 22 years later.


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