CANNIBAL SON: Man questioned for mother’s murder and ‘eating butchered body’ in Spain

'CANNIBAL': Police take the 26-year-old man into custody for questioning. Photo credit: Twitter / @policia

POLICE in Spain continue to question a 26-year-old man about the murder of his mother in Madrid. Her body was found dismembered and packed into plastic food containers in her home.

Officers who visited the property to investigate her reported disappearance were greeted by her son, Alberto, who said: “Yes, my mother is inside.”


Spanish media claim he told the police how he had killed his mother and he had later practiced cannibalism with the remains.

Reports indicate that Alberto was not working or studying and his relationship with his mother had not been good for a long time. There are also claims that for the last two years he had got into the world of drugs consuming them on a daily basis.


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