Spanish universities cancel Erasmus grants before hard Brexit possibility

No more Erasmus students from the UK?

UK STUDENTS hoping to study on the Erasmus programme may see their places cancelled if the UK leaves the European Union without an agreement on March 29.

The EU has promised to honour grants paid out for this year’s programme, which would see 14,000 European students going to the UK to study and 7,000 British students in Europe, but Spanish universities have already begun to cancel grants, offer students other destinations and look for alternative agreements.

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The Erasmus student programme is one of the most successful identifying characteristics of the EU for young people and will be sorely missed by many if Brexit goes ahead without an agreement.

Universities have been told to have a “contingency plan” in place in the face of a hard Brexit.


  1. Brexit is going to create a negative impact which is something inevitable. I think Spain should work harder and emphasize how it can attract international students (esp from Asia, Middle-East and even from North America). Spain has one of the top universities in the world and the quality of education and professors are excellent and of high standard. If the government along with educational professional introduces more universities that can offer different courses taught in English then I won’t be surprised if they surpass Germany or even France in terms of receiving more international students. Pupil are crazy to study in Spain because of the food, sports, culture, and even social life but two things might have been issues for many to change their minds : 1. Language and 2. Lack of jobs. Think again, it is not too late.


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