VIDEO: Police find mother’s dismembered body in plastic food containers in Spain – son arrested

ARREST: Statements were made the Madrid Police Headquarters today. Photo: National Police

AN ARREST was made by the Spain’s National Police yesterday (Thursday) after officers found the body of a dismembered woman in her home in the district of Salamanca.

Police officers went to the address to investigate after reports were made by the woman’s friend who ‘hadn’t seen her in over a month’.

Once inside the home the woman’s dismembered body was found inside plastic food containers.


The officers arrested her son, who was inside the home at the time of the search, as the alleged perpetrator of the killing and dismembering of his mother.

According to investigation sources reported by Spanish press, the son admitted to ‘eating’ parts of his dismembered mother and also feeding them to his dog.

Police sources allegedly stated that ‘everything points to a case of cannibalism’.

WATCH: Man arrested after dismembered body of missing young woman found in freezer in Spain



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