The changing face of London

MUSLIM POPULATION: The East London Mosque. Credit: Shutterstock.

MANY moons ago, when I began writing for this wholly unique, free thinking publication, I often wrote of the impending national disaster should the UK continue to allow immigration, particularly from countries outside of Europe, to continue unabated and virtually unchecked.

This resulted in the emergence of the phrase ‘Another Leapy Rant,’ which became one of the most oft uttered observations in a whole multitude of derisory mail that subsequently found its way into the EWN postbag.

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Although many agreed with my sentiments, laughter and derision was, at that time, very much the order of the day. Well, in the words of Farage’s post referendum address to the EU parliament. They’re not laughing now are they?

I’ve just returned from a month in the UK and I can quite categorically state that the face of Great Britain as we knew it has changed – forever. Sure, the country areas are, for the time being, reminiscent of our great culture and heritage, but in the cities, particularly parts of London, British values are virtually non-existent.

Don’t take my word for it.These are a few observations from an article recently published in one of the nationals. They came from a lady journalist (Source: Jane Kelly The Daily Telegraph) who has, for 17 years lived in Acton Vale London, one of the areas virtually taken over by the Muslim community. She writes: “So many Muslims in the area insist on their separateness – there are not even any attempts to integrate into British society”. She goes on to say that her neighbours ‘flap by’ in full niqab, so heavily veiled she can’t see their eyes. When she smiles and tries to communicate, they won’t even look her in the eye.

Apparently, most of the shops have been taken over by Muslims and even her fish and chip shop has become Halal. A nearby shop, which advertises ‘no alcohol,’ added that alcohol is also banned in streets near the shop! In the past ‘normally clad’ Western girls, were reportedly admonished for ‘exposing themselves’ near a mosque.

The members of these ‘patrols’ have also been heard shouting ‘this is a Muslim area’ at other white Britons. Openly gay men have been attacked on the streets. The list simply goes on and on.

(Editor’s note: In 2013 ‘Muslim Patrol’ members Jordan Horner, Ricardo Macfarlane and another man were sentenced to jail for 68 weeks, 12 months and 24 weeks respectively for  harassing and intimidating couples holding hands. The East London Mosque denounced the group’s actions  as completely unacceptable following reports that they were attacking gay men.)

So, despite wishful thinking from multi culturists, willful segregation by immigrants has resulted in, among other unacceptable practices, the chilling term ‘White Flight’. Between 2001 and 2011 640,000 white Britons left London, according to the census.

So, most of the old Leapers ‘rantings’ have been realised.

So, all you snowflakes out there, despite your well-intentioned, but unbelievably naïve aspirations for us all to all live side by side as one big happy family, it is well time you realised that it is not the poor beleaguered, well-meaning locals at fault.

The fault is mass uncontrolled, alien immigration. An unforgivable error of judgment that unfortunately has merely resulted in making reluctant racists of just about everyone

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy

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  1. Having lived in East London for 5 years, when I first returned to the UK, I can tell you as someone who used to work, on the front line of the UK justice system for many years, that living there was freighting. I have many friends from many from different countries, races and religions (including Muslims), so no one would call me a racist. However, even I sometimes have to pull myself up, because of my experiences over the last few years. Imagine living in a lovely house in a tree lined typically British street, yet when you walked to the top of the road, you received abuse from groups of Muslim men. On one side of the street east Africans (Somalians) and the other side who knows where from, outside their separate unofficial prayer meeting places, even though there is a huge Mosque was half a mile away. In case you don’t know different Muslim races dislike each other and certainly won’t pray together. Your crime for this abuse, walking in your own country wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the summer. On one occasion jeans and a t-shirt. Now whether they also worked out I’m gay I’m not sure, as they never made a comment about sexuality that I could understand, through their thick foreign accents or I would have reported them. Having to walk through a group of mostly young men, whilst they are shouting abuse at you, was very intimidating. Not something I experienced as a woman, even during my years dealing with burly criminals. Also imagine, walking down the high street and not hearing one British voice, in a non tourist area. So Leapy Lee, it’s very sad but I totally agree with your assessment. So much so that we moved out of London, in to the country and I don’t even want to go back, to visit out lovely neighbours, one of which are a lovely Muslim third generation British family, who are totally integrated. The problem is that over the last 10/15 years we have just let anyone in, they have not integrated partly because we were too scarred to insist on them learning English and doing proper citizens tests and I don’t mean, the one there is currently. Which if you have never seen it, you should give it a try on-line, I did. It has nothing to do with living in a modern Great Britain, but is all about very very ancient history. My German wife who has lived in the UK 30 years, doesn’t recognize the country she loves and who’s language she does speak fluently. We have also been too afraid to uphold planning laws, with regard to house extensions (we would call sheds in gardens) and public meeting places, for fear of being called racists, should we say a restaurant can’t suddenly become a mosque and a shed can’t house an entire family, without proper planning. I wouldn’t be allowed to open a church in an old restaurant, without planning permission. Basically we need to stop all this pussy footing around, being thin skinned and being so politically correct.

    • I am saddened and dismayed by Leapy’s dreadful opinion of London, echoed by Anne T. I know London every bit as well as they do, but I do not recognise their dismal, depressing picture as the vibrant, cosmopolitan city that I know. The city full of tourist attractions, theatres, art centres, music and night life, drawing visitors from all over the world every year. Like Leapy, I have friends and relatives who live in and around London. I have spent a huge amount of time there, enjoying every moment! Extreme caution is required when a thinly disguised pessimist keeps on complaining time and time again about all the things which feed his anxiety. Constantly negative opinions merely promote similar pessimism among his readers. People get worn down, blinding themselves to all the good things in life. I wonder how much impact Leapy’s negativity has had on feeding Anne’s? Nothing is ever entirely black or white. It’s usually somewhere in-between. I would respectfully suggest that both Leapy and Anne T are gazing at the black side and ignoring the lighter side. I notice too, the editor of the EWN is increasingly intervening to correct some of Leapy’s more erroneous or incomplete conclusions. I hope this trend continues.

      • Sorry Brian but you need to take your blinkers off. Maybe talk to female friends that live say in East London, Barking, Ilford and other high density immigrant areas or better still, go take a look with your eyes wide open. I love London, especially the attractions and tourist you have mentioned, but like any city, that is only a small part of a cities life. The clean (little rubbish flying around) highly protected part, where you do see police and where you don’t get ghettoes (see definition don’t assume what I am saying). Where it is safe for a woman to walk around. We as a society have to have the hard discussions, however unpleasant or unthinkable they would have been, ten years ago. Those discussions must be based on the truth of what a vast majority of people see each day, those that live it, not those just visiting the tourist attractions or nice parts. I found your comment “I wonder how much impact Leapy’s negativity has had on feeding Anne’s? ” very offensive, considering I gave you concrete examples, to back up views and they were only a couple of examples, I have loads. How many times have you seen entire families (old and young) of people living out of their cars, under the A406? I have loads of times. This might offend you and I’m sorry if it does Brian, but you have no idea as a man (white or not), how life in cities in the UK is becoming for a lot of women. Go to Birmingham or Manchester, if you don’t believe me. I wouldn’t dream of saying, send your wife or daughter (if you have them) because I would want them to be safe. I love immigrants, after all I was one in Spain, when I was the only foreigner in my school and I married one here in the UK, so it is not about immigration, per say. It is about accepting that we must put in place systems and rules, that promote integration. That as a country we accept, there are problems we must deal with and in doing so, we have to stop being so politically correct and frightened of being called a racist, when we say we want planning laws upheld, that we want a system like they have in Spain where before we allow yet another halal butchers, pound store, charity shop or sari/hijab shop to open, they look at what businesses are already there and what impact will that have on the businesses already within a mile, before they give planning permission/licence . No town hall in Spain would allow 6 butchers in one street, but in London we do, for fear of offending when we say no. I’m really pleased for you Brian, because you live in a wonderful world where there are no issues, but those of us that deal with the reality of the day to day problems, need to have the debate and come up with solutions to the problems, so that we can truly all live in peace and harmony. Who said that, my lovely ex Muslim neighbours, because you know what, this is not the Britain they came to decades ago and they are not happy, with what is happening to the country they also love. Often in the name of their religion, which as they say is simply not a true representation of what Islam is.

        • It was not my intention to offend anyone, quite the reverse, so please accept my apologies Anne, if you have been offended by anything I have written. I too have been affected by similar experiences – in Tangier, where I was attacked in an attempted mugging and also with my wife and children in Paris, where we actually were mugged by youths in the lift in the Eiffel Tower. They robbed us of all our money and bank cards. However I refuse to let these dreadful experiences darken my opinion of Tangier and Paris. I prefer to dwell on the more enjoyable aspects of both cities rather than concentrate on doom and gloom.

          It is important when feelings are running high to open up people’s minds to the bigger picture and not just blame everything on immigration. The problems you and Leapy describe are undoubtedly real and need to be addressed adequately by the British government. But my experiences prove that this issue is not confined to Britain alone. It is a worldwide issue. It is also not due solely to immigration. What about the many lawless hooded youths who hang about on street corners, behaving in the same way you describe, but who are white-skinned and born and bred in Britain? I have seen them in Glasgow, in Manchester, in Birmingham, in fact everywhere. They are NOT all immigrants.

          The true source of the problem is packing hoards of families of all races, creeds and colours into deprived inner-city areas and then expecting them all to live in peace and harmony. This goes against human nature, which all too often reacts violently in such situations. Tory government austerity policies which are harming vulnerable members of our society only make matters worse. Meanwhile the rich and famous are allowed by the same Tory government to put their riches in offshore tax havens and literally laugh all the way to the bank. It is the perceived unfairness in our society, the ever widening wealth gap, and the active damage caused by an uncaring government which is driving all this. However, all I was doing was articulating the need to avoid concentrating only on the blacker side of life and to remember to celebrate the good things in life too. I don’t see any harm in that. Perhaps if more people took that approach the world might be a better place than it already is.

  2. I have read all of this opinion column, including the comments, with a great deal of interest and I am reasonably familiar with the columnist’s style of presentation having read a number of his articles.

    A good psychological assessment would note a tendency to focus regularly and repetitively on the same issues. It would note in particular an apparent obsession with problems he perceives to be due solely to one particular section of society when there are bound to be many other factors involved. This would indicate a notable lack of in-depth analysis before writing his opinions – a tendency towards ‘knee-jerk’ reaction if you like, instead of a more ‘in-depth’ approach.

    Another matter for concern would be a visible tendency to focus solely on negative aspects, ignoring any positive characteristics, thereby supporting a diagnosis of mild depression. This would be reinforced by the columnist having a perceived need, but inability, to influence the causes of certain grievances – a perception which is quite common in people suffering from depression and which can lead to a vicious circle, where frustration feeds depression which in turn feeds frustration. Many depressed people are actually unaware of their condition, believing themselves to have a healthy state of mind when outside observers can see that this is indeed not the case.

    I hope this will be of some assistance to the columnist and to his readership with a view to help them move towards a more balanced climate of opinion.

  3. Brian I totally agree with you last comment and I’m sorry to hear about some of your experiences. I would be overjoyed if everyone got on, but I feel in such a small island, whilst I love some immigration we have to set limits and boundaries for acceptable behaviour in OUR country. If I go to the Middle East, I would cover myself, including my head, because that is their custom and the tradition in their country and I certainly wouldn’t mention my wife. Not somewhere I will ever go, as my sort aren’t welcome. So why in our country are we called racists, if we dare to say it is not acceptable to have three families of 20 people, living in a three bed house designed for 3 to 6 people, just because in Romania, Iraq or Timbuktu it is or, as in the cases I stated turning a restaurant and a flat, in to unofficial mosques, with no planning permission. We have standards, rules, laws and customs, anyone who wants to come to our little island, should prove they not only know what they are, but affirm they will comply with them, in the full and certain knowledge, if they don’t they are out. No messing around or protracted appeals. You were caught doing or saying x, you knew this was wrong goodbye. Maybe an immigration contract. I don’t give a damn about religion, any religion. Personally I would ban the lot, seize the assets, thus solving most of the world poverty in one fell swoop. However, if people believe that’s fine, but don’t push it down my throat, as my bitting you back will offend. We have big issues we have to talk about and deal with, including yobs on street corners as you said, but we must deal with them and stop pussyfooting around, afraid of offending. We need to peacefully, but forcefully let our elected officials know we expect them, to sort things out, especially as you say the wealth gap. Brexit for me had nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with, sovereignty and the wealthy elite. By that I mean I want to have a say, via a ballot box in how our country is run and when our soldiers are sent in to battle. Therefore, I refuse to become part of a federal Europe. Why because a Federal Europe won’t deal with poverty and inequality in the UK, it will just make companies and the wealthiest, even richer. The issues and problems we have, we the people have to deal with by protecting our laws, standards of behaviour, education and yes our customs.

    • Hi Anne. Thank you for saying that you totally agree with my last comment. I too am sorry to hear about your own experiences and I do hope things turn out better for you now that, as you say, you have moved to a better location.

      I have commented previously that I believe on the whole, the human race is still basically as tribal as it was back in the stone age. Although we have progressed enormously in terms of scientific knowledge and technological advancement, we still tend to prefer living in small communities of like-minded people and yet most of us find ourselves crammed into overcrowded cities, forced to live alongside people we often actively dislike. I confess I don’t fully understand how this happens when it so clearly goes against the wishes and preferences of so many people. Perhaps it just indicates how strange and contradictory human beings can be. At the same time I do think we are capable of so much creativity, and we can achieve so much when we work together, that I have high hopes of a better future for the human race. However to accomplish that aim, we will need to learn to live with each other with more peace and harmony than we do at present. That’s for sure.

      Best wishes,

  4. Well done Leapy Lee, really stirred up some reaction that one, in the old days the truth was the truth now there is someone who will say the truth is wrong. From what I have seen in the UK the British culture is dying out, one can see by the attitude of some people and most of the media.

    • Hi Edgar. You say “in the old days the truth was the truth”. This nostalgic belief in the good old days being better than the present is widespread, but it’s not the truth. My parents’ generation lived through two world wars. I was born just after my home town of Clydebank was blitzed by Nazi bombers. We were in the grip of food rationing. Millions of Jews went to the gas chambers in the false Nazi ‘truth’ that they were the cause of all Germany’s problems! Millions of men, women and children died in both world wars. That’s the truth.

      As for “British culture dying out”, which British culture is that? The culture of English football hooligans fighting each other? The culture of binge drinking with ‘the lads’ until they pass out in the street? You can’t blame immigrants for these things. The Brits do it all by themselves.

      Please open your eyes to the bigger picture. Don’t forget what happened to Stephen Lawrence and others like him. The vigilantes are out on the streets blaming everything on immigrants. Please don’t believe them. Believe me when I say they are just as wrong as the Germans were about the Jews.

  5. Dear Leapy,
    I have lived in Pimlico, central London, for all my life (66 years). It’s a very middle-class area, average house price £3,000,000. with a few council estates thrown in. My family has lived in Pimlico for the last 200 years, my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, my wife and two sons. We have lived in a Peabody Estate for all our lives very happily. We have lots of close friends and still love the area. BUT one big problem has evolved over the last 5- 10 years. Nearly every vacant flat that becomes available for rent is given to foreigners, predominantly Muslims. My two sons and their respective wives and children applied to live in the area via Westminster City Council, Peabody Trust, and various other Housing Associations. Guess what! they were not even eligible to go on their housing list. Hence my sons and grandchildren have had to find alternative housing miles away from the community they were brought up in.
    This is happening throughout London. One of the reasons is the councils/housing associations etc, employ many corrupt foreigners who give preferential treatment to their own breed via a brown envelope! One of my friends, an Albanian, was offered a three bedroom property providing he could find £20,000. cash for the privilege. So the powers that be are systematically destroying the local communities to meet their own agender. Pimlico council properties are evolving into predominantly Muslim areas. I cant buy pork sausages or an easter egg in my own high street. Most of the pubs have shut down.
    I am not on the far right or anti-Muslim or anti anything for that matter. But there is a lot of resentment amongst my friends and family about the influx of foreigners who appear to be taking over our way of life.
    I now live in Spain, Costa Del Sol, for 6 months of the year, so I notice the changes every time I return to Blighty.


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