STUNNING SUPER SNOW MOON: Biggest, brightest moon of year lights up skies over Spain

SUPER SNOW MOON IN SPAIN: Snapped from the cloud-free skies of the Serrania de Ronda in Andalucia last night (Tuesday). Photo credit: Karl Smallman

MANY parts of Spain were treated to spectacular views of the Super Snow Moon yesterday evening (Tuesday) as it lit up the night skies.

The biggest, brightest moon of the year gave keen clickers the opportunity to snap some amazing images.

The February full moon is named traditionally called a Snow Moon as the month historically gets more fluffy, white stuff than any other. But some Native American tribes also named it the Hunger Moon due to the scarce food sources and hard hunting conditions during mid-winter, while others named it the Storm Moon.


If you missed this month’s super moon, you can catch another one – the third and final super moon of 2019 – which comes in exactly four weeks in March. It just won’t be as big and bright.


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