Seven-month pregnant woman carrying €2,500 of drugs in body arrested after tip-off

DRUG TRAFFICKING: Police said the 34-year-old pregnant woman had a history. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Policia Nacional

POLICE in Spain have arrested a woman who was risking her own life, and that of her unborn baby, by carrying 440g of hashish internally.

Officers recovered 43 ‘acorns’ of the drug when the Moroccan woman was detained in Badajoz.

Police said the 34-year-old woman had a history of similar acts of drug trafficking.


National Police said they were tipped off by several people via the website and follow up investigations.

They then sprang a road trap and pulled the woman over who was described as having an “elusive and nervous attitude”.

She then confessed she was seven months pregnant and that she was carrying ‘acorns’ of hashish inside her body.

The woman was immediately transferred to a hospital where, after several hours, she expelled a total of 43 ‘acorns’ of hashish, with a total weight of approximately 440 grams, and a street value of around €2,500.

Police also recovered a large amount of cash and a mobile phone.



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