Street performers to be banned in Palma after council approves new measures

PERFORMERS BANNED: The aim is to be able to regulate noise and ‘nuisance’ levels. Photo: Shutterstock

UNOFFICIAL street acts will become a thing of the past in parts of Palma after the council approved proposals to ban unauthorised artists and musicians from the city centre.

At the moment, artistic activities are prohibited in so-called Acoustically Contaminated Zones (ZAC), like sa Calatrava, sa Llonja, Santa Catalina and Canamut, but it will be extended to all of the neighbourhoods in the centre.

The new measures, expected to be given the government go-ahead next month, will extend the ban to Seu, Palau Reial and Plaza de Cort areas.


Under the new rules, performers must have a card issued by the city council annually, and will only be allowed to operate in spaces allocated by the authority, depending on the area and the type of activity they perform.

The aim is to be able to regulate noise and ‘nuisance’ levels.


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