TATTOO CRAZE: Spain ranked as one of the world’s body art loving countries

BODY ART: Top of the table is Italy. Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN is officially a tattoo loving country, sitting in sixth place in the world for people sporting body art.

The popularity is attributed to elite footballers and their fascination with tattoos.

A report published by multinational market consultancy, Dali, has compiled a global ranking of the countries where tattooing is most popular.


This is based on a survey of 9,054 people via the internet in 18 countries.

Top of the table is Italy.

A spokesperson for Dali said ‘if you look at the players of the Italian football teams that played in the last stages of the Champions League, it is not surprising’.

They also mentioned former Sevilla player Diego Perotti, who is now at AS Roma. He sports a large tattoo on his neck, well as his arms. Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos is also a huge lover of the skin coverings.



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