CANTABRIA BURNING: More than 700 fire fighters battle around 50 forest fires

DELIBERATE: The Cantabria President said there was evidence most of the fires had been started intentionally

THE CANTABRIA Government called for military assistance as more than 700 fire fighters battled some 50 forest fires.

Cantabria President Miguel Angel Revilla said he believed 99 per cent of the blazes had been started intentionally, describing those responsible as “pyromaniacs” and as having “disturbed minds.”

Revilla also said the fires were seriously damaging the ecosystem and Cantabria’s natural heritage.


The regional Government called for public collaboration on preventing further fires from breaking out and identifying anyone who had deliberately caused a fire.

Most of the blazes are in hilly, rural areas, the relatively high temperatures and strong southerly winds making fire fighters’ job more complicated.


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