JULEN WELL DEATH INVESTIGATION: Judge starts to call witnesses

WELL DEATH: Jose Rosello's son, Julen, died after falling down a seventy-two-metre borehole in Totalan, Malaga. Photo credits: Twitter / @los_replicantes / @antonioliverapo

A JUDGE presiding into a possible case of negligent manslaughter in the Julen case has called the owner of the land where the boy fell down a 71-metre hole as a witness.

David Serrano will be asked to give evidence, alongside several others, including Antonio Sanchez, the man responsible for drilling the hole.

Also appearing before the investigation will be Julen’s parents, Jose Rosello and Victoria Sanchez, David Serrano’s wife, and three hikers who were in the area when the incident occurred and who were the first to help the family.


The judge has also called an engineer, as well as the two Guardia Civil officers who attended the scene first.

Last week, David Serrano’s lawyer told media Antonio Sanchez left the borehole uncovered after drilling, leaving his client to cover the well with two concrete blocks.  Serrano claimed he had warned Julen’s parents about the hole as they arrived at his property in the Sierra de Totalan.

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