HUMAN REMAINS: Three skeletons found during exhumation work in Mallorca

HUMAN REMAINS: Archaeologists are now working on recovering the remains. Photo: Shutterstock

THE skeletal remains of three bodies have been discovered during exhumation work at the Pou de s’Aguila in Llucmajor.

It is believed the corpses could belong to victims of the Franco regime, and families with missing relatives are invited to contact Mallorca Council to arrange DNA tests.

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Almudena García, director of the exhumation work carried out by the Aranzadi Institute, said that ‘after having lowered the initial level of the well by seven meters, the human remains of three people have appeared’.

He added that ‘the three skeletons have multiple fractures in their bones, probably due to the blows suffered during the fall’.

Archaeologists are now working on recovering the remains, and have not ruled out the possibility of finding other ‘victims’.

Councillor for Culture, Fanny Tur, said the discovery of human remains inside the s’Àguila well confirms the repression experienced during the Civil War in Mallorca.


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