On-call emergency ambulance issued with fine on Spain’s Costa Blanca

PARKING FINE: On-call emergency ambulance. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

AN ambulance driver in Spain has been fined for blocking the pavement while attending an emergency on the Costa Blanca.

The incident happened next to the San Marcelino health centre in Valencia when the emergency vehicle parked on part of the pavement because a badly parked car was obstructing the access ramp for ambulances.

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According to local media the health worker argued that there was a private vehicle parked obstructing the access ramp and for that reason he had stopped on the pavement to get the patient to the ambulance.

It is claimed that despite fining the ambulance driver the police did not take any action against the driver of the private car saying that the yellow lines and the parking prohibition square were faded.

As a result of the incident there was delay attending to the patient, who had heart problems, while the traffic ticket was issued.


  1. It really is a joke!!
    Here in Spain, you can double park anywhere, park on a pedestrian crossing, on a roundabout,
    at the traffic lights, at a crossroad, and yes we have seen all this. What are the police doing?
    They are fining people for driving a bit faster than they should, and telling them to stay one and
    a half meters from cyclists, even though they ride four abreast and sometimes really with no regard
    to any other traffic.

  2. We have an underground parking complex of garages, and four or five times every day a car parks in front of the entrance gate and nips off to do some shopping or have a coffee, knowing they won’t face anything more than an angry resident sounding a horn, at worst. They just shrug as though it wasn’t their fault that there was nowhere else to park before driving off unpunished. So to then see an ambulance trying to drop off a patient with heart problems get a ticket because another car was blocking its access seems hard to comprehend; perhaps the result of a jobsworth with a deficiency in common sense.


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