COPS PLEA: “Don’t divulge existence of police checks – they are used to protect you”

POLICE CHECKS SPAIN: "Used to protect you... " Photo credit: Policia Nacional

SPAIN’S National Police force has issued an appeal on social media for people not to divulge details of roadside checks.

The plea came on the same day that saw police make arrests in the south of Spain in a huge operation that involved roadblocks in La Linea (Cadiz) and on the Costa del Sol that were widely reported by the press.

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The cops tweeted: “Police checks are used to protect you. If you warn of their presence, they lose effectiveness.  #PorTuSeguridad do not disseminate information on the existence of controls. #SomosTuPolicía.”


  1. I’ve always thought that people who tell everyone on social media about Police check points are idiots. They have no idea why the check point is there and are only helping people who are doing something illegal


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