A change in mood

BETTER OUT: Britain doesn’t need to be part of a super state. Photo: Shutterstock

I TRULY do believe, that were I confronted with the individual who coined the word ‘Brexit’ I would happily abandon all my views on peace, love and compassion and take fiendish delight in strangling them with my bare hands!

Last week, I took the trouble to count how many times the word was mentioned on Alan Boulton’s Sky News programme; I actually lost count (and the will to live), after 36 utterances. But that, of course, is the whole idea is it not?

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The ploy of the remoaner’s has always been to make us all so heartily sick of the whole mind warping, utterly teeth grinding caboodle, that we’ll accept any result that makes it simply go away (or go their way!).

Well I personally think they could well have shot themselves in the foot. The remainers’ petulant plan to create indecision and confusion in the British ranks, and particularly its politicians, has lulled the EU mob into a false sense of security.

In their arrogance and growing distain for the UK, they are beginning to reveal their true colours, issuing statements and opinions that are showing the British public just what they truly do think of us.

Well I have news for all of them; the British bulldog can take considerable umbrage when mistaken for a mug. Particularly when it finds itself at the receiving end of insults from nations they never had much respect for in the first place.

There is a perceptible change of mood in the attitude of the Brits. People are beginning to question the true ambitions of the European Union. They are beginning to realise that the forming of a super state, with its own army controlling all of Europe, in much the same manner as another historical despot attempted in the not too distant past, is no longer quite so ludicrous.

Well, with Germany on the brink of recession, Italy and Greece just about ready to abandon ship, and a whole host of countries, who were initially bribed to join the coalition, now finding the money drying up, the outlook for the Union’s ambitions are beginning to look just about as bleak as they did 70 odd years ago.

As for the scare tactics being deployed by the big companies, threatening to abandon the UK should it leave the EU. Let them. Most of them are monopolies, firmly enmeshed in the highly lucrative and elite Euro club. A bunch of profit mongers, heavily involved in the plot to inveigle the whole of Europe into their greedy money grabbing empires.

The last thing they want is competition from the rest of the world. Have no doubt, the minute it is established that we are truly dumping this whole bunch of self-satisfying greedy egomaniacs, huge worldwide conglomerates will be queuing up to create business with a highly successful European country that is unshackled from the yoke of the Brussels bureaucrats and able to negotiate on its own terms. The future’s bright. The future’s Brexit.



Keep the faith

Love Leapy



  1. The clueless government hires a ‘Mickey Mouse’ shipping company with no experience of shipping, no ports and no ships. The contract (pinched from a takeaway restaurant!) remains in place for months. The company’s backers finally pull out with only a month to go, forcing the government to cancel the contract and scramble to get a replacement as time runs out. Nobody can blame the EU for this shambles. The British government did it all by itself! The squabbling incompetents in both government and opposition will be the death of Britain. This makes Leapy’s statement that “The future’s bright, the future’s Brexit” so breathtakingly naive it beggars belief! The shambolic Brexit ‘plans’ are in utter chaos. Leapy’s betting on the wrong horse. It’s limping back to the paddock, staggering with horse-flu, while the EU stallions have already won. The race is over. The future’s NOT bright, the future’s a government of losers.

  2. Thankyou, Brian. This particular article reminds of one of the truly great songwriters. Billy Bragg. ” Take down the Union Jack, it clashes with the sunset.” Brilliant!

    • Hi Jonathan. Thankyou. Have you heard though, Leapy’s releasing a new album called “Leapy sings the Billy Bragg Songbook”? However, it’s only available in a parallel universe. The one where Billy Bragg writes for the Euro Weekly News. (grin)

  3. The British Bull(y) Dog is rabid and the world would be better served if the mutt was put down.
    “Particularly when it finds itself at the receiving end of insults from nations they never had much respect for in the first place.” Yes. Precisely. This statement underscores the truth of the particular brand of arrogance and hubris that will cause the same mutt to turn on it’s masters and servants and bring them to heel.Or, in the worst case scenario, keep up the same madness and somebody else will do it for you. It will be over in a flash.

  4. Leapy complains about the EU “forming of a super state, with its own army controlling all of Europe”. This is a typically naive view of EU military strategy and it is quite wrong of him to portray it in the manner he has chosen. A new European alliance of military forces is necessary because the current policies of Trump’s America are destabilising NATO and other long standing military alliances. He is effectively aiding Putin’s Russia in its ambitions to re-create a version of the former Soviet Union by weakening, and even cancelling, agreements with previously long standing allies of the US. He has unilaterally torn up nuclear arms control agreements such as the intermediate range missile treaty, which will expose Europe to increasing Russian aggression in the context of its conflict with Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea. He has withdrawn from the international treaty controlling Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He is strengthening Russia, China and even Syria and Afghanistan, by withdrawing his troops back to the safety of the USA and disengaging from Europe. Please do not accept Leapy’s extremely short-sighted opinion. Europe needs its own military forces to defend itself more than ever before in the absence of its former US ally and the withdrawal of Brexit Britain.

  5. Update. As ‘Failing Grayling’, the UK transport minister charges taxpayers £33 million for his out-of-court settlement with Eurotunnel over the Brexit ferry fiasco, British MPs have awarded themselves yet another inflation busting pay rise! The poor, the sick, the vulnerable and the elderly still suffer from this government’s mean and damaging austerity policies, but next month our MPs will enjoy an extra £2,000 a year taking their pay to £79,468. This means their basic pay (before expenses top-ups) will have increased by 21% since 2012! Throughout that time, the rest of us have experienced the worst drop in income versus expenditure since the Wall Street Crash – through no fault of our own.

    If this incompetent rabble of MPs got wages based on performance, like many in the real workforce, they would be getting their pay docked. Please note this is not the fault of the EU. It is our very own British MPs ‘taking back control’ for themselves, the greedy beggars. If this is Leapy’s deluded idea of “the future’s bright, the future’s Brexit”, he can keep it.


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