JULEN CASE: Judge denies landowner’s request for inside access to trial case

THE judge presiding over a negligent manslaughter investigation into two-year-old Julen’s death in on a plot in Totalan has rejected the landowner’s claim to be given inside access to the trial.

David Serrano’s lawyers had asked the judge to name him a, ‘personada,’ a legal title naming someone as an interested party in a trial and allowing them access to the details of the proceedings.

The judge denied the claim, saying Serrano had, “has not specified on what basis he has asked for it; an essential point in applying for it, either as an injured party or as someone under investigation.”

The same court has authorised a series of measures to secure the site where the incident took place, however.

The judge ruled specialists could carry out work to reinforce the area where large amounts of earth were removed to prevent land movement once the Guardia Civil has finished its investigations.

These works, which will begin this week, will include shoring up embankments and slopes.

Meanwhile, a court will continue to collect reports and statements to carry out its investigation in the negligent homicide case.

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