MINDFULNESS: Spanish schools teach meditation to children to improve mental health

MEDITATIVE: Supporters claim mindfulness improves concentration CREDIT: Shutterstock

MORE THAN 200 Spanish schools teach mindfulness to their pupils, according to an organisation which promotes the technique in education.

The figures come ahead of the second annual Congress on Mindfulness in Education, organised by the group of the same name. It is set to meet in Aragon’s Zaragoza City in April.

Javier Garcia Campayo, director of the organisation, said mindfulness helped to boost pupils’ ability to concentrate and improved their memories.


“It can also improve the quality of their relationships, the management of their emotions, reduce stress and lead to a greater clarity in decision making,” Campayo said.

It comes as the British government announced 370 schools would teach children mindfulness. Data there showed almost 13 per cent of pupils aged five to 19 experienced at least one mental health episode in 2017.

Mindfulness comes from Buddhist meditation techniques and is used to help improve the mental wellbeing of healthy children and adults and to treat psychological disorders.


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