COCAINE POISONING: Baby hospitalised after ingesting drugs in Spain

TRAGIC: Cocaine poisoning hospitalises baby. Photo: Shutterstock

A 17-MONTH-OLD baby in Burgos has been hospitalised after ingesting cocaine.

The girl was allegedly brought to the emergency room in the early hours of the morning after she began crying inconsolably and showing signs of irritation.

Doctors were initially only able to diagnose the baby with dermatitis, although urine analysis later saw her test positive for cocaine.  The girl’s three-year-old sister was also treated by medics but tested negative for the drug.


According to Spanish media, the children’s parents have suffered from serious drug addictions for several years and have both undergone various treatment programmes.

Although the mother reportedly told police she had given up cocaine, both parents are said to have tested positive for the drug after their child was taken to hospital.

Police claim the pair had held a party at their home the night before the incident, where several adults had reportedly taken the substance.

Officers believe the child somehow gaines access to the narcotic during this party.

A court has not put in place provisional measures to protect the children, with social services looking after the two until an investigation is complete.



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