WORST AIRLINE?: Channel 5 get the inside scoop on everything Ryanair tonight

RYANAIR: The episode will be asking the low-cost airline thought questions surrounding how they run their business. Photo: Shutterstock

CHANNEL 5 will be airing ‘Ryanair: Britain’s Most Hated Airline’ tonight (Thursday) after the budget flight company was recently voted the worst airline for the sixth year running.

Reporter Fiona Phillips will be getting the inside story of how Ryanair has changed the way people fly.

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Despite the negative publicity following the Which? consumer survey, Ryanair claims that the results do not reflect the true reality of the matter.

However, the number of cancellations, staff strikes, profit warnings, and more, have shown otherwise.

The episode, directed by Alex Hill, will be asking how the low-cost airline runs their business and if they have gone too far, risking customer and staff satisfaction.

The programme will air from 9pm – 10 pm tonight (Thursday, February 7) UK time on Channel 5.

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  1. Ryanair are rubbish when it comes to change a name on their flights. I booked a flight for me and my friend who then couldn’t go as she wasn’t well. Thought I’d change the name on the flight to my husbands. These seats are already paid for by me. But Ryanair insist it’s £115 for changing a name. But the problem was coming back we were flying into london then a flight to Edinburgh so it would be another £115 to London then £115 to edinburgh. that’s £345 just to use the seats I’ve already paid for.. This does not make sense.As holiday and flight came to £275 all in…it’s just a con


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