Jose Mourinho guilty of tax fraud in Spain but strikes deal to avoid jail

TAX DEAL: Former Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho. Photo credit: Shutterstock

FORMER Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho, has been convicted on a tax fraud charge in Spain but will not go to jail after reaching an arrangement with authorities.

Instead a one-year prison sentence will be exchanged for a fine of €182,500 which will be added to a separate fine of €2million.

Sentences of less than two years for first-time or non-violent offenders are rarely enforced in Spain.


Mourinho was accused of owing €3.3m to Spanish tax authorities from his time at the club in 2011-2012.

Prosecutors said that the Portuguese national had set up multiple business entities to manage his image rights and hide the earnings.

Mourinho is the latest high-profile football personality to strike a deal with Spanish authorities.

In January, Cristiano Ronaldo was slapped with a €18.8m fine and a suspended 23-month jail sentence.


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