Brit couple in court in southern Spain following breathalyser ‘fight’ with police

BREATH TEST:Lorry driver was six times the limit.Photo: Shutterstock

TWO British citizens and a Guardia Civil officer are due to appear in court in Almeria today Monday in relation to an alleged altercation stemming from a refusal to take a breath test.

The case relates back to May 2016, when according to the public prosecutor’s provisional indictment, the British couple were driving in Zurgena and hit a property. When Guardia Civil officers arrived on the scene they requested the driver take a breath test. The couple allegedly refused, insulted the officers, and attempted to leave.

The officers reportedly tried to stop the couple from going, prompting them to resist, pushing against and grabbing at the agents. One agent then allegedly took out his regulation rubber truncheon and repeatedly hit the two Brits.


The public prosecutor considers that the consumption of alcohol diminished the British couple’s judgement, although did not completely excuse their behavior, while at the same time considers that the officer overstepped the mark, and hit them unnecessarily, causing injuries which took some weeks to heal.


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